Marketing re-think fuels export growth at PBSI Group


Manchester-based P&B (PBSI Group) is a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical protection, safety and control technologies for critical infrastructure. Exports make up around 80 per cent of sales, but these were mostly through existing customers and contacts. The business recognised an opportunity to expand its customer base overseas with a new approach to marketing.

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P&B Launches Range of Low Power CTs for LV Motors

P&B Launches Range of Low Power CTs for LV Motors

P&B is pleased to announce the launch of a range of new Low Power Passive Current Transformers, compatible with its established Motorvision, MicroMotor and Primacon Protection Relays.

Following a successful testing program, the new CT range has been introduced to replace conventional ring-type, solid iron-core transformers with 1A and 5A secondaries. These are often larger transformers for low currents e.g. 20-100A

The new low power type has a far smaller footprint making it ideally suited to 415V type starters in withdrawable buckets, found in tiered motor control centres.

In addition, the new CT range:

  • has voltage output rather than 1A or 5A, so there are none of the safety issues typically associated with open secondaries
  • is designed to meet IEC61869-10 and provide a 250mV output at rated In.
  • is rated as Protection Class to 5P10, and in fact offer a 16x linearity
  • can be floor or din rail mounted.

The LPCT is also intended to replace P&B Hall Effect Sensor (HES) device, which requires a permanent power supply connection the 3-phase sensor to function.

Low Power Current Transformer

Shown here: 50A LPCTs installed in the starter of the trial motor

Extensive Testing

The new CTs were installed for field trials on a retrofitted motor starter at a cement works. This involved removing a MTE IPC Protection Relay and replacing it in the same aperture for a P&B MicroMotor.

Low Power Current Transformers

The circuit is a fan drive therefore involves a high in-rush current and a relatively long run up time. 50A CTs were fitted, the motor has a full load current of 33A but as can be seen from the video a 22A typical loading.

Initially the drive was prone to spurious earth fault trips during starting as a result of spill current.

It was found the original CTs were only metering class rated and saturated at 1.2x 50A, approximately 2x FLC in this case. Therefore the protection relay was unable to measure full inrush current and overload. As a result the thermal capacity modelling was incorrect and critically the thermal protection was compromised.

The LPCTs are available with a 50A and 200A primaries with a core balance version available.

For further information, please contact P&B on:

Tel: +44(0)161 230 6363


P&B Grows its Switchgear Division

P&B is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Crawford as Sales Manager and Andy Montague  as Tendering Manager at its Switchgear division.

P&B Switchgear Grows

Paul Crawford (left), Andy Montague (right)

Building on a successful career in Sales and Business Development in the electrical engineering industry, Paul’s work with P&B will focus particularly on the company’s growing demand for MV Retrofit Circuit Breakers.On his appointment at P&B, Paul said “Working with the P&B Switchgear team is like a breath of fresh air. It’s clear to me that the engineers are always keen to find the best solutions for their customers’ requirements.”

As an experienced Tendering Manager, Andy will be responsible for compiling and submitting quotes on a range of P&B’s LV and MV legacy switchgear with a bias on MV for refurbishment, retrofits and maintenance/servicing.  On joining P&B Andy said  “I am glad to be joining the team here at P&B and furthering my career in MV legacy switchgear with new challenges and solutions. It is particularly exciting to join the company just as it is pushing its boundaries and growth.”

For its retrofit Switchgear, P&B has carried out typed testing on a full range of products, using vacuum breakers, including:

  • GEC BVP17, VMX
  • Brush VSI/VMV, SWS, CX, C4X, DX, D4X
  • English Electric E3, E7, E8
  • Reyrolle S14A, S27A, S36A, S45A
  • Whipp & Bourne AK, AH

In addition, these have also been assessed for conformity by the Energy Network Association.

If you are currently operating with old legacy oil fill or air break circuit breakers and are looking to extend the life of your MV Switchgear by up to 30 years – please contact Paul to discuss your requirements – he will be delighted to help!

Paul Crawford  Tel: 07736 451 644   Email:




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