Working for P&BP&B products are manufactured for use in electrical generation, transmission and distribution networks of supply utilities and large manufacturing plants around the world. The products are designed and developed by our highly trained and experienced engineers and manufactured at our production facility in Manchester.  Manufacturing processes range from electronic pcbs produced on state of the art surface mount and flow soldering equipment, through complex CNC machining of in house design castings, to sheet metal fabrication and assembly of components to produce equipment for use in many parts of electrical systems from low to transmission voltage levels.

Our employees have skills covering factory and technical apprenticeships, through electrical, electronic, P&B Switchgear Teammechanical, production and software graduate engineering positions. These teams work with professionals covering other aspects of planning, procurement and production. Several of our senior and technical staff are renowned professionals in their field and have held key positions on various committees representing the wider industry through trade associations and the likes of British Standards Institute in UK and Europe.

As many P&B products are exported we work with agents, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and end users in the UK and many countries around the world. P&B employees can have the opportunity to travel and to work on these projects, whether in a sales, technical support or installation and commissioning role. A career with P&B can be as interesting and challenging as it is rewarding.


P&B is a leading UK innovator of electrical protection, safety and control technologies.

Our specialist expertise and unrivalled experience is relied upon in heavy industries throughout the world to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance.