6 P&B has worked over many years with the water industry in the UK and around the world.
Our experience extends from Switchgear systems for AD water treatment facilities to replacement of ageing medium voltage circuit breakers and protection relays.

Water authorities such as Northumbrian Water, Southern Water and Thames Water have experienced the benefits of the P&B Protection Relays range of retrofit relays. This range offers the ability to change out, not just older P&B relays but also those from several traditional suppliers, including the likes of Reyrolle, GEC and S&I with pin for pin compatible devices. These relays can offer a new lease of life to the protection system and the ability to gather and communicate live circuit data gives far more flexibility in operations.

Essex and Suffolk Water prefer long life of VOR-M vacuum circuit breaker

With frequent operations on site, Essex and Suffolk Water found they were wearing out their traditional spring operated vacuum circuit breakers. Replacement or repair by the original supplier was found to give only a temporary respite, so they turned to P&B to supply our VOR-M vacuum circuit breaker as a replacement. With its low energy magnetic actuator drive, that is good for many tens of thousands of operations, the long life VOR-M breaker is ideal for this type of application.


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