P&B are pleased to announce that pin for pin solutions exist for almost all of the Midos relays.

The relays are based on the relays technology that powers Motorvision and Feeedervision which has seen service since 2000. The result then is a solution for the GEC midos relays that provide a truly unique and risk free means of upgrading and managing obsolescence of aging GEC relays.

The retrofit from P&B allows the existing case to be re-used, simply the relay is removed and the new relays inserted in its place. In most cases they are pin for pin, some how require a movement of terminal positions, others are supplied in a new case, which is still based on the original 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 sizes.



The new relays are effortless to install and configure, as seen here in a typical GEC Alsthom HMC1172 6.6kV starter panel


For further details follow this link – GEC Retrofit Range


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