5 P&B has a long and successful history of supporting efficiency and reliability improvements in the UK and Middle Eastern chemical industry with our range of high quality electrical equipment.

Major UK facilities such as Air Products, BOC, Calachem and Dow Corning continue to rely on the quality of P&B protection and switchgear products.

BOC (Linde Group) increases plant uptime and reduces maintenance costs

Linde Group company BOC, manufactures chemicals and gases for a multitude of other industries. P&B motor protection relays have long been used by BOC at several of their sites across the UK and Ireland.

P&B MPR3000 motor protection relays and pin for pin retrofits for previously supplied N11 relays have been an important part of BOC’s recent program of replacement for some of their early relay products. This was fully supported by P&B engineers’ product training and commissioning services for the BOC site staff.

In Switchgear, BOC has a wide range of ageing MV switchgear in service across its UK manufacturing sites, some of this manufactured by suppliers who are no longer in business. Although much of this has given long and good service it is becoming less reliable and much more costly to maintain. P&B has been able to offer new vacuum circuit breakers from the VOR range to replace Brush VSI, SWS C4X and HG12 equipment, to increase reliability and plant uptime and to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Calachem replaces ageing Reyrolle switchgear

Calachem, one of the UK’s leading fine chemical manufacturers based in Scotland, embarked on a programme to replace some of its ageing Reyrolle LMT oil circuit breaker population. Having successfully installed four P&B VOR-M circuit breakers, an additional order of a further six breakers was subsequently made.

Air Products relies on P&B state-of-the-art protection devices

Air Products is an international corporation whose principal business is supplying gases and chemicals for industrial users in technology, energy, healthcare and industrial markets worldwide.

To ensure its continued success in servicing its global client base, Air Products has relied extensively on P&B’s state-of-the-art-protection devices to update and replace ageing equipment throughout the operation of its manufacturing sites.


P&B is a leading UK innovator of electrical protection, safety and control technologies.

Our specialist expertise and unrivalled experience is relied upon in heavy industries throughout the world to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance.