Type VOR-M – Magnetic actuator operated circuit breaker

The smarter, sustainable retrofit circuit breaker

The Type VOR-M delivers ultra-reliable high performance. The EPS MagLatch magnetic actuator has been repeatedly proven to outclass other mechanisms on endurance tests, typically ten times the operational performance of traditional spring mechanisms.

Designed for more than 100,000 operations, the MagLatch allows a huge reduction in the number of mechanism parts, giving high reliability and maintenance free operation over a very long life.

Open and closed latched positions are held by strong permanent magnets. Actuator drive operation is by excitation of one of the two coils to overcome the magnet retaining force. The operating drive shaft has been carefully designed to transmit exactly the right travel and force to the vacuum interrupters under all operating conditions.

Electronic controller

Operation is by a proven electronic controller, powered by a capacitor with sufficient energy to perform a complete auto-reclose cycle. Fast charging allows repeated sequences within seconds.
Configurable inputs and outputs to suit customer requirements with external links for communications.
Now designed for numerous OEM types i.e. GEC BVP17, SWS CX/DX, Brush type VSI/R41, English Electric OLX and many more

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Circuit Breaker Type VOR-M Ratings Available
Maximum System Voltage kV 12
Rated Power Frequency Withstand kV 28
Basic Impulse Level kVp 75-95
Normal Rated Current A up to 1250
Short Circuit Breaking Current kA rms up to 25
Short-Time Current kA 3 secs 25
Peak Making Current kAp 65
Mechanical Endurance Performance >10,000 Operations

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