2 The power generation industry has seen enormous transition in recent decades. As a world-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of motor protection relays, P&B has played a prominent role in supporting that change.

Having pioneered the renowned P&B GOLD relay in the 1940s, P&B motor protection relays have delivered years of reliable service in rotating plant installations around the world.

Today, our latest range of replacement devices deliver even greater functionality, flexibility and control capabilities including remote plant management and easily adjustable protection settings.

Switchgear – Retrofitting, Refurbishing and Upgrading

P&B has also been at the forefront of the UK Power Station’s revitalisation program supplying much of the replacement high voltage switchgear in its networks. Working originally with the CEGB, since privatisation our UK clients have included AES, British Energy, Drax, EoN, EDF, Eggborough, RWE, Scottish Power and Scottish & Southern Energy.

As part of this program, P&B engineers designed state-of-the-art ABB vacuum circuit breakers into existing circuit breaker moving trucks. These new designs were rigorously type tested at independent laboratories to ensure they exceeded the short circuit ratings of the original equipment.

Following this initial development, P&B now design a full range of retrofit switchgear for most power station requirements to the extent that P&B circuit breakers have now been installed in almost every UK coal fired power station and several hydro and nuclear stations.

P&B is now an established market leader in retrofit and full replacement circuit breakers for power generation and many of other industries.

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P&B is a leading UK innovator of electrical protection, safety and control technologies.

Our specialist expertise and unrivalled experience is relied upon in heavy industries throughout the world to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance.