P&B delivers rapid retrofit relay solution for Oman natural gas supply

When Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) recently needed a complex and urgent upgrade of the motor relays for one its major gas plants, the team at P&B were able to quickly assess the requirement and provide a tailored retrofit solution with minimal interruption to operations.

PDO is the major oil exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman, accounting for 70% of the country’s crude oil production and nearly all of its natural gas supply. The motor relay upgrade for one of its gas plants was particularly challenging due to its unconventional configuration and the very limited spaces in which the new relay systems could be installed.P&B retrofit relay challenge

Having previously worked with UK-based P&B on functional compliance for its motor reacceleration requirements, PDO called on P&B’s specialist expertise in the design and manufacture of retrofit motor relay system to provide the solution they needed.

The complex nature of the electrical set up at PDO’s plant meant that the electrical team on-site had limited visibility to operate the system effectively and had difficulty in troubleshooting failure issues. The P&B team were able to separate the system out into discrete parts to enable them to operate it more safely and effectively, and to troubleshoot any potential failures quickly and easily with improved indication and diagnostics.


P&B retrofit relay teamThe newly installed P&B motor protection relays were then commissioned, by a cross functional team made up of P&B middle eastern and UK staff. Data communications from the motor control centre downstream and SCADA system upstream were separated by using P&B’s Xcell Data Concentrator. The team also commissioned a new Engineering Work Station and installed the communications bus to bypass the existing network to reduce any risk of introducing faults by reusing the installed cables.

In order to ensure that the downtime for the plant was minimised, P&B undertook a thorough program of pre-shutdown preparations and functionally tested all the motor starters. The whole process from assessment to design and manufacture, took just 8 weeks to deliver, with an installation and commissioning shutdown period of only 3 weeks. The plant was restarted on time and back to full production within 24 hours.


PDO saih rawl gas site

P&B Opens New Customer Training Suite

P&B are proud to announce the opening of a brand new Customer Training Suite at its headquarters site in Manchester, UK. For customers, agents and partners visiting P&B’s design and production facilities they now have a very comfortable space dedicated to enhancing their experience on site.

P&B Training Suite, Manchester, UK

Customer Training Suite configured for presentation session

The generous 600 sq. feet (56m2) space has been cleverly designed to perform a number of functions and is installed with state of the art multi-media equipment. A 106” projector screen allows customer to enjoy crystal-clear images, stereo sound and videos for presentations, while a 55” media screen enables them to easily broadcast and share screens over Wi-Fi from their mobile devices and laptops.

The space is furnished for flexibility. It can host up to 12 people for a formal training event with presentations or can be easily reconfigured to accommodate a number of separate private meetings.

Protection Relay Injection Training Modules

Protection Relay Injection Training Modules

For specific hands-on training on protection relays, the space also includes a permanent installation of 4 injection sets. This enables series injection for any of P&B’s protection relays simultaneously for up to 8 people.

From the new Training Suite there is also direct access to P&B’s exhibition space which houses additional product demonstrations for their extensive Relay and Switchgear technologies.

Philip York, P&B’s Managing Director for Protection Relays, said: “We are seeing a growing number of customers from around the world who find it valuable to visit us on-site, view our production facilities and understand more about how our latest technologies perform. With this in mind we were keen to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where our guests can meet the P&B team and learn more about our capabilities.”


P&B Welcomes Global Agents to Manchester

Representatives from P&B’s global agents network gathered recently at the company’s headquarters in Manchester, UK for a week of education, insights and sharing.

The agents were well represented with delegates from South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, South Korea and the USA. Manish Joshi from P&B’s own offices in Pune, India was also in attendance at the event.

P&B Agents Conference 2017 Delegates

From left to right: Tan Heng Choon, Dan Stanek, Neville Whitbread, Lee Chong Kiow, Manish Joshi, Dae Won Yoon, Johan Van Staden, Philip York, Ross Dyson, Pronab Chakraborty, Jon Simpson, John O’Donnell

The team at P&B provided the conference delegates with a packed agenda, which kicked off with a tour of the company’s production facilities. The agents were able to meet with P&B’s dedicated team of technology designers and engineers and gain a valuable insight into its impressive design process, which promotes continual design improvement.

By seeing where P&B’s latest generation of relay software is manufactured, the delegates could experience first hand the high standard of production quality that P&B are able to achieve.

Presentations were made to provide the agents with updates on the latest technical features of P&B’s new and retrofit relay ranges, including its latest Vision Control and Relay Communication systems.

A number of interactive sessions were a valuable addition to the agenda, which allowed agents to share information about their local markets to help build a broader understanding of changing customer requirements. By sharing various case studies, a number of the delegates were able to illustrate their experiences of different project successes.

The event was held in P&B’s brand new Customer Training Suite – a smart and comfortable 56m2 space specifically designed to welcome visitors and showcase the company’s product range and capabilities.

P&B Training Suite, Manchester, UK

P&B Training Suite, Manchester, UK

The week was rounded up with some fun where delegates had the opportunity to travel to North Wales and enjoy the spectacular surroundings of the Snowdonia National Park, including a trip to the top of (a fog bound) Mount Snowdon!



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