P&B Weir Electrical gives Community Award

P&B Weir Electrical Portable Earthing

Based in Corsham, Wiltshire, P&B Weir Electrical play an important role in the local community. This ranges from sponsoring local events, providing apprenticeship placements and open days for prospective students and donating materials to the local school.

We were recently asked to sponsor a local fete so that they could purchase an award trophy. We offered to go one better than that by designing and manufacturing a customised trophy for them on our CNC machinery.

So now, we may have to consider a new product range- Portable Earthing Equipment, Voltage Detectors, Buchholz Relays, Maximum Demand Indicators and finally, Village Fete Trophies!


Portable Earthing – Short Circuit Testing


P&B Weir Electrical electrically test all products within our Portable Earthing range, and full certification is available.


As a designer and manufacturer of a range of portable earthing clamps and leads, we can also undertake bespoke design work. Working alongside the customer during this design process, we can offer full electrical test data for the new items.



P&B VOR-M replacement breakers meet South African paper mill challenge

P&B was recently involved in an ambitious project with a large paper mill in Durban, South Africa. The client increased his original order quantity of VOR-M replacement breakers from around a dozen to 46, which he required to be delivered in the same lead time. Not only that, but the site shut down to install and commission the 46 breakers was limited to a mere 48 hours. This substantial challenge was achieved by our South African partner, IPI Industries of Johannesburg, confirming the strength of the project management and collaboration between all parties on the project

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P&B is a leading UK innovator of electrical protection, safety and control technologies.

Our specialist expertise and unrivalled experience is relied upon in heavy industries throughout the world to ensure the highest levels of safety and performance.

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