Xcell Data Concentrator

The Xcell processor is the core building block of the Xcell system. It operates as a stand-alone data concentrator module supporting both serial and Ethernet communication for the entire range of P&B Protection Relays. In addition to the data concentrator the Xcell system can support up to four I/O modules, which allow integration of non-communicating products or hardwired remote I/O. Its functions may include:

Xcell processors may be networked together using the onboard LAN to provide larger and more powerful systems.

The Xcell processor when used as a data concentrator can support upto 64 Protection Relays and each Xcell system can support a maximum of 6 Xcell Processors, therefore allowing over 384 Protection Relays to be connected to a single Xcell rack system. The Xcell system can support multiple racks, the largest system designed using the Xcell product has in excess of 6,000 protection relays connected, all being controlled and monitored via one single distributed control system. The Xcell processor can be used as a single ended device or where redundancy is required two processors can be used to give a fully redundant system.

The Xcell product is compliant with virtually all oil and gas type installations where redundancy and fast response time (typically 500mS) are required. Key features of the Xcell product are shown below.

The Xcell processor can support a range of communication mediums, interface types and protocols. The Xcell offers multiple host interfaces to allow concurrent direct access from a number of communication points, such as Distributed Control System (DCS), Engineering Workstation (EWS). A range of protocols and interface types, which the Xcell supports are shown below.

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