TCS Lite

TCS lite was developed in response to the need for trip circuit supervision of breakers employing magnetic actuators. As a magnetic actuator relies upon a control circuit, which may be unique to each manufacturer, conventional TCS relays are not always compatible.

TCS lite utilises two sensing circuits that can be configured in a variety of ways depending upon the breaker technology, allowing it to be used with conventional spring mechanism as well as magnetic actuators.

Two output relays will change stating depending upon if the sensing circuit is open or closed and can then be used to provide interlocking or signaling.

TCS lite is a 35mm din rail mounted device, which provides an indication of the breaker trip circuit in either the closed or open position.


The MR-TCS relay uses the same technology as that of TCS lite, but designed within our draw-out case technology for front mounting to switchgear panels. MR-TCS can be mounted in a space saving 50mm series size case for new installations, a 100mm series case for retrofitting of earlier P&B TCS units, or within a 70mm series case for specifically for direct pin for pin replacement of the GEC MVAX 21 or 31 type units.


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