VISIONr Automatic Recloser

The VISIONr is a high specification relay dedicated to the protection and control of outdoor overhead line circuit breakers and this coupled with its in built RTU communications offers one of the most cost effective solutions on the market today.


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The intelligent solution for pole & substation mounted automatic recloser applications

Key Features

  • Multi-shot auto-recloser
  • IEC or IEEE / ANSI protection curve
  • Resistive, solid, Peterson Coil or unearthed systems
  • CVT voltage measurement with optional Check Synchronisation
  • Flexible configurations
  • Multiple protocol options: MODBUS, DNP3, IEC 61850, P&B Gold
  • Isolated rear RS485 or optional RS232 ports
  • Optically Isolated Inputs / Outputs (12 Inputs / 8 Outputs)
  • Multi-triggerable disturbance recorder
  • Smart card for parameter storage or extended SER events
  • SF6 Gas Monitoring Alarm
  • Batterymonitoring (Optional)
  • Date and time stamping
  • Sequential event recorder (SER)
  • Breaker Contact Wear Monitor
  • Parameter configuration software
  • 32 x auto-reclose sequence recorder with pre trip values of all shots
  • Report by Exception feature for limited bandwidth communications (GPRS or MODEM type applications)

Flush mounting with plug-in phoenix type connections
50x50mm Graphical LCD
2x Tri colour LEDs
12x Digital Inputs
8x Changeover contact relay outputs
4x VT Input 100-500V ac nominal (Ph-N or Ph-Ph connection)
4x CT inputs 1A or 5A (3ph + 1EF)

Aux supply 80-265V ac/dc or low voltage 24-70V ac/dc
RS485 Modbus, Modbus ASCII, DNP3
Mini USB front port

The VISIONr software can support a range of actuator types and timings, controllable via software, thus eliminating the need for expensive external actuator circuits.


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