P&B Hawkvac 15 circuit breaker and panelP&B Hawkvac 15 2

Operator safety and system integrity are central to the design of Hawkvac 15 medium voltage switchgear, both within a compact and cost effective solution.

The Hawkvac 15 is suitable for application in distribution networks of electrical utilities as well as commercial and industrial areas, including the onerous environments of the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors.

Key Features

The VMC cassette circuit breaker is also available as a component, for incorporation into other OEMs’ equipment.

New Circuit Breaker Hawkvac 15 Ratings
Maximum System Voltage kV 15
Rated Power Frequency Withstand kV 28/38
Rated Impulse Level kVp 75/95
Rated Frequency Hz 50/60
Symmetrical Breaking Current kA 25/31.5/40
Rated Short-Time Current kA 3 secs. 25/31.5/40
Rated Peak Making Current pk kA 63/80/100
Busbar Circuit Ratings A 1250/2000/2500/3150
Incomer/Feeder Circuit Ratings A 630 to 2000
Degree of Protection IP3X to IP42

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