The MD Proving Unit is a product designed to test and prove the function of the Voltage Detector type DS/MS/VA.
This battery powered portable test unit must be used to test the Voltage Detector prior to and after being used on site, to confirm that the Voltage Detector is in working order.

The MD Proving Unit is designed to produce a high voltage output at a high frequency, making the unit safe for operating. The high voltage coil is encased within an epoxy resin shell, which protects the circuitry from contaminants and damage.

To use the MD Proving Unit, the Voltage Detector must be held in one hand and the Proving Unit in the other with its metal probe pressed against the Voltage Detector’s contact.

The rubber button on the Proving Unit must then be pressed, which illuminates the adjacent LED on the Proving Unit. When this occurs, the intermittent beep and flashing LEDs on the Voltage Detector will change to a continuous beep and glow.
When the contact between the Voltage Detector and Proving Unit is broken the beeps and LEDs will return to their intermittent states after a short delay. This shows that the Voltage Detector is safe and in working order to use on site.

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